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Suede kick-started the Brit-pop revolution of the 1990s, reviving the romance and drama of glammy guitar rock for an era that got mired in the swirling neo-psychedelia of shoegaze and Madchester. The band favored the seedy, arty styles of proto- and post-punk, which proved to be the foundation for an enduring career. The smash success of their eponymous debut in 1993 caused a rupture within the group's core of vocalist Brett Anderson and guitarist Bernard Butler. Butler left during the recording of 1994's Dog Man Star, a weighty double album that emphasized the band's gothic undertones. Suede swapped gloom for "Trash," creating a fizzy spin on glam for Coming Up, their biggest hit album of the 1990s. The group followed in that direction for two albums before splitting, only to reunite a decade later with Bloodsports (2013), a record that opened up a fruitful and lasting third act.

London, England