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The Beau Brummels

The Beau Brummels

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Often credited as early architects of the San Francisco sound, the Beau Brummels found immediate success with their 1964 debut single, "Laugh, Laugh." With its autumnal folk-pop jangle and moody melodic hooks, the song bore enough resemblance to the burgeoning British Invasion that many fans mistook these young Americans for Brits. Defined by the partnership of singer Sal Valentino and guitarist/singer Ron Elliott, they went on to notch a clutch of mid-'60s hits including "Just a Little" and "You Tell Me Why," while anticipating both the folk-rock and country-rock genres. In the late '60s, they went on to release their two best albums in 1967's enchanting Triangle and its 1968 follow-up, the eclectic, countrified Bradley's Barn. A pair of reunion albums were made in 1975 and 2013, but they failed to match the exceptional quality of the group's original '60s run.

    San Francisco, CA

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