Sy Ari Da Kid
Sy Ari Da Kid

Sy Ari Da Kid

About Sy Ari Da Kid

Rapper and singer Sy Ari Da Kid has brought emotive storytelling to the worlds of rap and Auto Tune-laced R&B.

• Born in the Bronx, Sy was largely raised in Atlanta, where he moved at the age of nine. He initially dreamed of playing in the NBA.
• Sy began rapping over Wu-Tang Clan-style beats his older brother would cook up on their father’s Yamaha keyboard. He eventually started battle rapping at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, where he once triumphed over 11 straight rhymers.
• In addition to rapping, Sy taught himself to use Pro Tools. This impressed Grammy-winning songwriter Brian Michael Cox, who signed Sy as a producer. In 2006, Sy launched his own label, Arrogant Music.
• Sy released his debut mixtape, The Ultrasound, in 2011 and served up five more tapes the following year.
• Over the next decade, Sy released more than a dozen projects, collaborating with artists like Future, Waka Flocka, and K CAMP.