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After a chance encounter at an open-mike night just outside of their hometown of Bridlington, East Yorkshire, U.K. in 2011, the sweeping folk duo known as Seafret was born. Guitarist Harry Draper and vocalist Jack Sedman were impressed with each other's performances, and quickly decided to work together as musicians. They lived close to the coast, and the name "Seafret" referenced both the mist that rolls in from the North Sea during the summer, and a pun on a guitar fretboard. In 2014, after gaining some traction online, the duo made the move to London. Leaving their hometown instilled their songwriting with a greater sense of loss, both of the coastline they had grown up with and their respective loved ones. In September of the same year they released their debut EP, Give Me Something, via Sweet Jane Recordings. They spent over two years writing music together prior to relocating to London; such a wealth of material allowed them to quickly follow their debut with a second EP at the start of 2015, the aptly titled Oceans. They spent the majority of 2015 touring, including a string of coffee shop appearances where they performed with just an acoustic guitar. All the while they were composing the tracks that would form their debut album, Tell Me It's Real, which saw release in early 2016 via Columbia Records. Returning to their hometown of Bridlington shortly thereafter, the duo set to work on a second LP, Most of Us Are Strangers. After drip-feeding singles throughout the late 2010s, the duo finally released their sophomore album in February of 2020. ~ Liam Martin

Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England