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New York's Sanction are a fierce quintet who meld post-hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore sources into a primal wail that has been credited with "bringing the heavy back to Long Island." Their lineup -- David Blom, vocals; Mike Marino and Andrew "Lumpy" Wojcik, guitars; Nick LaGrega, bass; and Lil D, drums -- has been constant since coming together in early 2015. They deliver a sound defined by detuned, overdriven guitar riffs, thrumming drop-D basslines, flailing yet groove-laden drumming, and psychotic-sounding up-mixed vocals. Beginning with their two-song, self-titled demo in 2015, Sanction sought to set themselves apart with a more musical -- though no less physical attack -- than their peers. While early influences include '90s and early-aughts metalcore bands such as Zao, It Dies Today, and Martyr AD, by the time they released their national scene breakthrough, 2017's The Infringement of God's Plan EP on Reconsider Records, those influences shifted, becoming more sophisticated so as to place them in a peer relationship with established bands including Eyes of the Dead, Suicide Silence, and All Shall Perish. In 2018, Sanction signed with Pure Noise Records. The label repackaged and reissued The Infringement of God's Plan as the band's debut album that year. Positively reviewed all over the globe, it helped the band procure tour dates. In 2019, Pure Noise released a pair of singles -- "Paralysis" and "Radical Lacerations" -- in advance of Sanction's sophomore long-player, Broken in Refraction in July. It was issued as the band toured the United States. ~ Thom Jurek

Long Island, NY, United States
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