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Australia-born and U.K.-based producer/remixer Rob Dougan attracted international attention when his tune "Clubbed to Death" was featured in the 1999 film The Matrix. Reissued in June 2002, the tune reached the 24 slot on the British charts. Dougan was working as a bartender when he met his future partner, Rollo, producer of Faithless and Dido. Pooling their resources, they formed a production team, known alternately as Dignity and Our Tribe. Signing with a small independent label, Roo Art, they recorded the first of a lengthy series of remixes. When Rollo decided to return to his home in London shortly before their first release, Dougan followed. Signing with Cheeky Records, they reworked their recording "Understand This Groove" and released it as their first 12" disc in 1991. Although he initially supported his music career as a salesman in a London jeans store, Dougan soon turned to music full-time. By 1992, he had worked with Judge Jules and his music had become much more dance-oriented. Dougan and Rollo continued to collaborate, releasing many remixes on Rollo's labels RDR and OTM between 1992 and 1996. Their recordings continued to be released by Champion, which had taken over the management of Cheeky Records. When BMG acquired Cheeky in 1998, it also secured the rights to Dougan's tracks until 2005. Collaborating with former Miss America competitor turned vocalist Kristine W., Dougan released a single, "Feel What You Want," in 1994. They continued to work together on Kristine W.'s debut album, Land of the Living, in 1997. Embarking on a solo career in 1998, Dougan released "Clubbed to Death" on the Mo' Wax label. He followed up on its success with "Clubbed to Death II" and the haunting single "Furious Angels." His self-titled debut album was released in the United States in May 2003. ~ Craig Harris

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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