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Formed in 1993 by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, The Crystal Method became the preeminent architects of American electronic dance music in the pre-Y2K era. The pair met in Las Vegas while working at the UNLV radio station, before moving out to L.A. and releasing their full-length debut, Vegas, in 1997. Alongside The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method were on the vanguard of the buzzy big-beat sound that melded aggressive breakbeats and acid house synths, reaching critical mass on their 2001 smash Tweekend. Their adrenaline-pumping tracks have since been featured in film (London), television (Almost Human), and videogames (Need for Speed: Underground). In 2017, Jordan retired from music, prompting Kirkland to take up The Crystal Method as a solo vehicle and continue stoking the fires of rave hedonism for generations to come.

Las Vegas, NV, United States of America