About Rapsody

Grammy-nominated rapper Rapsody has earned acclaim for her personal, R&B-influenced brand of hip-hop.

• Rapsody was discovered by producer 9th Wonder as a member of the group Kooley High while a student at North Carolina State University.
• She made her debut on 9th Wonder’s 2007 album The Dream Merchant Vol. 2 and released her first solo mixtape, Return of the B-Girl in 2010. The tape features Mac Miller, Big Daddy Kane, and more.
• Her 2017 sophomore album, Laila’s Wisdom, earned her a pair of Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Album.
• All 16 tracks on Rapsody’s third LP, 2019’s Eve, are named for influential black women. Examples include “Oprah,” “Sojourner,” “Michelle,” and “Serena.”
• In 2020, Rapsody featured on songs by Public Enemy (“Fight The Power: Remix 2020”), T.I. (“Air & Water Interlude”), and Stevie Wonder (“Can’t Put It in the Hands of Fate”).

    Wilson, NC
  • BORN
    January 21, 1988

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