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About Quenum

Globe-hopping techno producer/DJ Quenum has graced many of the largest clubs world-wide, becoming a staple of the scene with his reliably infectious style. He settled in London in the '90s, and by 1997 had met Paulo Nascimento, with whom he went on to form Access 58 and release an EP on Pacific Records. Moving to Switzerland in 2001, he befriended Luciano; together they produced "Orange Mistake" and created the Cadenza label. Quenum continued to populate the techno landscape, releasing EPs for labels including Transmat, Crosstown Rebels, Cocoon, Fabric, and Get Physical. He also put out two full-length albums during that time, 2006's As Told on the Eve Of… and 2013's Face to Face. In the same year as his second album, he joined forces with Cesare vs. Disorder to form Azimute.