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Founding their themes with an effervescent punk-pop formula, combining catchy rhythms and sharp melodies, and revealing influences from bands like Green Day and Weezer, Punchline bring forward distinctive tunes on the alternative rock scene. Established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in July of 1997, Punchline began with the lineup of Paul Menotiades (guitar/vocals), Steve Soboslai (guitar/vocals), Chris Fafalios (bass/vocals), and P.J. Caruso (drums). From the beginning, the band built a loyal fan base, mostly due to its rousing live performances and unending show schedule. Only one year after forming, the crew entered the studio, and a few months later self-released How to Get Kicked Out of the Mall, their first record. In 1999, and again by their own initiative, Punchline issued their second disc, the self-titled Punchline.
Following two years of nonstop shows across the U.S., the band recorded the eight-song Major Motion Picture, with production credits divided with Billy Rossi. Fueled by Ramen took notice, signed them, and February 2003 saw Punchline's first release on the label, The Rewind EP. Exactly one year later, Sean O'Keefe recorded their debut FBR full-length, Action, which contained hook-filled melodies, singalong choruses, and three-part vocal harmonies. January 2005 saw the departure of guitarist Menotiades, with Greg Wood joining the band in his place. Later, Punchline toured with Bayside and released a split 7" with Over It. Their next album, 37 Everywhere, appeared in April 2006 -- titled such for the band's love for and ability to spot the number 37, well, everywhere -- and a subsequent headlining tour in support of the record ran through the spring. Wood amicably exited Punchline in late summer to pursue other interests, replaced on guitar by Jon Belan (ex-the Berlin Project). In 2007, the band began recording Just Say Yes, in Arizona and Wisconsin. After the band departed FBR to form their own label, Modern Short Stories, they released that album in late 2008, along with a bonus EP titled Just Say Maybe. Changes kept coming, and in 2009, yet another lineup change saw original drummer Caruso replaced with Pat Dee (who would be replaced with Cory Muro in 2010), while Menotiades returned to the fold after Belan moved on. They put out a collection of unreleased songs in December of that year. The 2010 incarnation of the band released Delightfully Pleased in June, then took a break from the scene. They reemerged in 2012 with an EP, So Nice to Meet You, and another album in 2013, Politefully Dead. Two years later, in 2015, Soboslai posted an extended message on the band's website, sharing stories of the band's evolution and maturation of sound. Their seventh LP, Thrilled, was released late that year on InVogue Records, unveiling this ever-changing band's fresh sound. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges & Neil Z. Yeung

    Pittsburgh, PA

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