Peach Tree Rascals
Peach Tree Rascals

Peach Tree Rascals

About Peach Tree Rascals

The members of alternative rock band Peach Tree Rascals were high school friends in San Jose, California, who first started releasing music in 2018.

∙ The bandmates made up their group’s name on a camping trip in 2018, just a week before they released their debut single, “Glide.”
∙ Peach Tree Rascals celebrated their 2019 relocation from San Jose to Los Angeles with their single “Mango,” though the music video for it was shot back up north, in Santa Cruz.
∙ Social media success helped the band’s “Mariposa” single crack the Top 20 on both the Billboard Hot Alternative Songs and Alternative Airplay charts in 2020.


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