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Topeka, Kansas-based quintet Origin specializes in ridiculously technical, fast, and punishing death/grind metal. Since 1997's A Coming Into Existence, their debut EP, and 2000's self-titled Relapse date, the band put all of its chips down on furious tremolo/sweep picking across guitars and bass, downtuned, sixth string-riding triplet/quintet 16th notes, and an orgy of blastbeats. Guitarist Paul Ryan is the only original member. Drummer John Longstreth served from 1999 until 2003 and re-joined in 2007, while bassist Mike Flores joined in 2002. Vocalist Jason Keyser has fronted the band since late 2011. 2008's Antithesis scored their most consistent reviews since their debut, while 2011's Entity saw Origin record as a pre-Keyser trio. 2014's Omnipresent showcased the triumphant return of the band as a somewhat slower-playing quartet. 2017's Unparalleled Universe marked a return to speedy, brutal, technical death metal. 2019's Abiogenesis re-compiled Ryan's demo songs and other early materials, while 2022's Chaosmos marked the quartet's proper return to recording.

Topeka, KS, United States
July 4, 1997
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