About nulldB

German metal outfit nullDB formed in Würzburg in 2008, melding elements of nu metal and hard rock. Partnering with EMI Publishing, they released their debut LP, Im Auge des Sturms, the following year. The band's eventual signing with esteemed metal label AFM yielded nullDB's blistering 2012 follow-up, Endzeit, a concept album that concerned the Mayan apocalypse that was foretold to occur that year. Fortunately, humanity survived, allowing the band to thrive in the European metal scene, appearing at the Wacken Open Air festival and touring with acts like Betontod, Doro Pesch, and Alice Cooper. After striking a deal with Sony, nullDB collaborated with producer Mat Sinner to record their third album, 2017's Geboren in Ketten. ~ Timothy Monger

    Würzburg, Germany
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