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Best known as a member of the Spice Girls, English singer/songwriter Melanie C (born Melanie Chisholm) conquered the globe alongside her groupmates in the late 1990s, selling millions and topping charts with the diamond-certified Spice and Spiceworld. As the group went on hiatus, the erstwhile Sporty Spice released her platinum debut solo effort, Northern Star, in 1999. Her biggest U.K. hit to date, the genre-bending excursion was followed by a steady succession of albums that maintained her chart presence throughout Europe, including the gold-certified Reason (2003), Beautiful Intentions (2005), and This Time (2007). Although 2011's The Sea signaled a creative rejuvenation for the singer, mainstream momentum stalled with a show tunes covers collection that coincided with a critically lauded stint as a stage actor. Chisholm bounced back up the charts with the sleek Version of Me (2016) and continued to evolve on 2020's club-influenced Melanie C.

    Whiston, Lancashire, England
  • BORN
    January 12, 1974

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