About Manowar

For a while in the 1980s, American metal outfit Manowar held the Guinness record as the World's Loudest Band, although they could easily have been singled out as the Band with the Most Animal Pelts as Stagewear, or Most Serious Metal Act, if such distinctions existed. Their 1982 debut was pure, pummeling, primal riffage set to a furious beat, tinged with classical touches that underlined the epic quality of the music. More an American answer to NWOBHM than anything akin to the poppier American hair metal of the day, they plied their heavy trade to great fandom and influence, but couldn't seem to win over critics. Nevertheless, they have continued to follow their own dark muse, and tour and record on a semi-regular schedule. ~ Rovi Staff

    Auburn, NY

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