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Liza Anne is an evocative American singer/songwriter, spinning atmospheric and emotionally resonant tales of love and sorrow with sparse but powerful accompaniment. Liza Anne (full name Elizabeth Anne Odachowski) was born in St. Simons Island, Georgia on February 3, 1994. Her passion for music was sparked when she was eight years old; an aunt with whom she was especially close was an artist whose husband was a guitarist and luthier, and they both encouraged Liza Anne to express herself through music. At age ten, Liza Anne started playing guitar, and at 14 she began writing songs, encouraged by her aunt and uncle's gifts of mixtapes featuring the likes of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. As a teenager, she landed a part-time job at a coffee shop, where she occasionally performed for the patrons, initially doing cover tunes before she worked up the nerve to play her own songs. After graduating from high school, Liza Anne's uncle helped her build an electric guitar, and she enrolled at Nashville's Belmont University to study songwriting. While at Belmont, she made friends with Zachary Dyke, a fellow student who was doing an internship at a recording studio. Dyke was allowed to use the studio when it wasn't booked, and he recorded and co-produced Liza Anne's debut album, 2014's The Colder Months, during their downtime. After the album's release, Liza Anne left college to focus on her music, performing regularly and developing a loyal audience for her often emotionally intense songs. A second album, Two, followed in 2015, once again produced in collaboration with Dyke, and her music became a phenomenon in the independent music community, with one song from Two, "Lost," receiving over nine million plays on streaming music services. In 2017, Liza Anne and Zachary Dyke traveled to Paris, France to record her third album. Recorded during six days of sessions at La Frette Studios, Fine But Dying was released in March 2018. A single, "Devotion," arrived in October 2019.

    St. Simons Island, GA
  • BORN
    February 3, 1994

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