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Studio musician King Errisson has led quite an interesting life since his introduction to the entertainment industry. Between the ages of 13 and 18, he was a professional jockey and a session drummer for local bands in his native Bahamas. In 1968, he moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, a career he successfully maneuvered as he appeared in a variety of films and TV shows including the James Bond thriller Thunderball and the Abe Vigoda series Fish. While in Los Angeles, he met saxophonist Julian Adderly, and the two bonded strongly, eventually recording several albums together. He also began to take studio work, playing on albums by everyone from Barbara Streisand to the Jackson 5. He was praised by Motown founder Berry Gordy as the "unsung hero of Motown." Between tours, he recorded a few solo albums and managed to appear in a few more films, most notably The Jazz Singer and Tap. He started a fishing resort in the Bahamas while he continued to live outside of Las Vegas to do session work. Errisson also joined Neil Diamond's band around this time, appearing on most of Diamond's recordings from the '80s. He recorded one more solo album, 1993's Man, before returning to session work and on again/off again appearances with Diamond. ~ Bradley Torreano

Nassau, Bahamas
October 29, 1941