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Key Glock learned to rap at home. As a 16-year-old, the Memphis MC would freestyle over his favorite beats, mimicking the cadences and wordplay of his preferred stylists. Glock, born Markeyvius Cathey in 1997, initially gravitated to popular rappers: His first song, “Actors,” uploaded to the web in 2016 to little fanfare, was a remix of Gucci Mane’s “Don’t Deserve It.” But he quickly morphed his style to match the bass-heavy, earthy feel of Memphis rap. 2017’s Glock Season showcased a rapper beginning to understand the extent of their talent, and Glock’s desperation throughout the tape is palpable, the result of trying to escape the pitfalls so many in his community couldn’t circumvent. “I rapped to avoid the lifestyle I was living,” he explained to Apple Music. He also rapped to make his mother proud. Because she spent most of his childhood years in prison, Glock now jumps at the chance to celebrate her at every opportunity. His 2019 release with Memphis star, Young Dolph, entitled Dum and Dummer, solidified the upstart as the next voice out of the city. He followed that up with 2020’s Son of a Gun, which prominently features a photo of him and his mother embracing on the cover. His commercial success is undeniable, but Glock has different goals in the rap game. “Everything I do is for my mom. I go so hard for her,” he told Apple Music. “I ain’t got nobody but her.”

Memphis, TN
August 3, 1997