Son of a Gun

Son of a Gun

Key Glock belongs to a long lineage of Memphis MCs who turn tales of street hustling into rap anthems. Forefathers like Three 6 Mafia and Gangsta Pat provided an infrastructure that Glock’s peers—such as Young Dolph and Duke Deuce—have built off of and turned into top-of-the-charts success. But unlike the old days, Glock isn’t tied to a particular style. He takes flows and beats from gangsta rap, sure, but he’s also fluent in trap and the aggressive, dead-eyed nihilism of SoundCloud rap. On Son of a Gun, he acrobatically flies between styles, with the title track finding Glock using trap’s signature triplet flow while “Flexxxin” sports the distortion and ambivalence prevalent among SoundCloud’s stars. No matter what sound he plays with, though, Key Glock is a son of Memphis, and his bars are first and foremost informed by that tradition. His dexterous flow spans the continent on Son of a Gun, but stripped to his core, Key Glock will always be a Bluff City bandit.

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