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About Java

Formed in Paris in 2000, Java are comprised of singer/writer Erwan (aka R.Wan), accordionist/keyboardist Fixi, double bassist Jérôme, and drummer Alexis. Their first studio outing, 2000's Hawaï, was widely acclaimed for its diverse qualities and blending of traditional songwriting with hip-hop influences. Containing many potential anthems, including such highlights as "Sex, Accordéon et Alcool," "Pépètes," and "Métro," the album sold quite well given its unusual melding of styles, and gained cult status during the following years. It was followed in 2001 by a live LP, Java sur Seine, and in 2003 by a new studio effort, Safari Croisière. Gifted when it comes to hijacking various influences (as illustrated by "Ramsès" on Hawaii, a more-than-heavy wink to Gainsbourg's "L'Hotel Particulier"), in 2006 R.Wan came up with a new single, "Lâche l'Affaire," to represent his solo outing, Radio Cortex. This time, R.Wan had chosen to give Renaud's legendary anthem "Laisse Béton" a completely new life during the iPod era, paying quite a touching tribute to its author. As a band, Java went on to record and tour with reggae singer Winston MacAnuff in late 2006. ~ Olivier Duboc