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A British band with blues and metal aspirations, but also a strong art rock tendency (thanks in part to producer Steve Hillage), It Bites were formed in the mid-'80s by vocalist and guitarist Francis Dunnery, bassist Dick Nolan, drummer Bob Dalton, and keyboard player John Beck. The group debuted with the single "All in Red," then signed to Virgin for its first album, The Big Lad in the Windmill. Second single "Calling All Heroes" hit number six on the British charts, and though It Bites never reentered the Top 40, the band matured with Once Around the World, exerting more traditional rock influence. Last album Eat Me in St. Louis was a quasi-compilation that included older tracks. Almost 20 years after their breakup, It Bites reunited, with vocalist/guitarist John Mitchell replacing original frontman Francis Dunnery. When the Lights Go Down documented their 2006 U.K. tour, and the band released a new studio album titled The Tall Ships in 2009. ~ John Bush

    Egremont, Cumbria, England

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