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Known for their raucous and frenetic pop-punk stylings on songs such as "Being Strange" and "Pro Procrastinator" on the 2019 LP Be Content, Indoor Pets are an alternative pop/rock quartet from Kent, England. Made up of Jamie Glass, Ollie Nunn, and brothers Rob and James Simpson, the foursome came together in 2014 with the sole intent of performing as a pastime. However, following a number of gigs throughout the South-East, the band decided to pursue their craft more seriously. After about a year of writing and recording, Indoor Pets began to put out several singles, starting in 2016 with "My Oh My" and "Teriyaki." The releases earned the band some sonic comparisons to the work of acts like Fidlar and Weezer. The following year saw the release of the songs "All My Friends" and "Barbiturates" before going on to sign with Wichita Recordings in 2018. Early 2019 saw the release of their debut LP Be Content.

Kent, England

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