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The solo project of Wye Oak singer/guitarist Jenn Wasner, Flock of Dimes finds the songwriter exploring the more intimate, atmospheric side of pop with her dreamy musical excursions. The debut album If You See Me, Say Yes appeared in 2016.
Flock of Dimes began in 2010 but took a back seat to Wye Oak, her duo with drummer/keyboardist Andy Stack, after their 2011 album, Civilian, found the band's popularity exploding. Wasner returned to Flock of Dimes in her downtime while home from touring. Her first solo release, "Prison Bride," arrived in 2011 on Friends Records and was followed the next year by the 7" "Curtain," issued on a limited vinyl run by Merge Records.
Temporarily shelving Flock of Dimes, Wasner launched a collaboration with songwriter and producer Jon Ehrens called Dungeonesse, which favored a bright synth pop sound. After a prolific run yielding Dungeonesse's 2013 debut and a pair of Wye Oak records, each delving further into synth-oriented territory, she returned her focus to Flock of Dimes, whose debut, If You See Me, Say Yes, arrived on Partisan Records in September 2016. Wye Oak then delivered the collection Tween and another studio album, 2018's The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs, before Wasner re-emerged on Sub Pop with the 2020 Flock of Dimes EP Like So Much Desire. ~ Gregory Heaney

    Baltimore, MD

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