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The project of singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman, the Weather Station's musically and emotionally nimble songs are defined by her silvery voice and clear-eyed lyrics. Lindeman's earliest albums, like 2011's All of It Was Mine, cultivated a down-to-earth style informed by her time in Toronto's folk scene and driven by her guitar, banjo, and confessional words. By the time she released 2015's Loyalty, her music had grown more abstract, her songwriting more detailed and analytical. Later, Lindeman matched the eloquence of her words with equally ambitious music, pairing her version of rock & roll with feminist insights on 2017's The Weather Station, and combining musings on climate change with luxurious jazz and soft rock on 2021's Ignorance and its hushed companion, 2022's How Is It That I Should Look at the Stars. Throughout the Weather Station's changes, Lindeman's music remained consistently compelling.

    Toronto, Ontario

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