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The six members of Everything met at Virginia's James Madison University. They formed the band in 1989 and started touring full-time in 1992. Richard Bradley (tenor sax, guitar, percussion, vocals), Nathan Brown (drums, percussion, lead vocals), Craig Honeycutt (guitar, lead vocals), Mark Reinhardt (keyboards, trumpet, trombone, vocals), David Slankard (bass) and Stephen Van Dam (guitar, alto sax, clarinet, vocals) mix elements of funk, rock, ska, jazz, and Latin music on their debut for Capricorn, Labrador (1995), an album previously released on the band's label in mid-1994. Super Natural followed in 1998 and included the single "Hooch," which became a hit when it was featured on the soundtrack of The Waterboy. After some time off and two years in the studio, the group returned with People Are Moving in 2001. ~ John Bush


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