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Eric Nam

Eric Nam

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Singer-songwriter Eric Nam has gone from YouTube cover star to artist untethered to genre or language.

• Thanks to his YouTube covers of K-pop songs, the Atlanta-born singer caught the eye of a Korean television producer. That landed Nam on the American Idol–like South Korean singing competition Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star.
• Nam has released English-language collaborations with the likes of Timbaland, Gallant, Loote, Marc E. Bassy, Tablo, and KOLAJ.
• Some of his biggest K-pop collaborators include Girls' Generation's SEOHYUN, Red Velvet's WENDY, AILEE, HOYA, and SOMI.
• Nam has also tapped into rising Korean scenes like hip-hop (enlisting Loco for his 2016 single “Can't Help Myself”), EDM (Raiden remixed "Cave Me In" in 2017), and jazz (“Perhaps Love” with Cheeze in 2017).
• He's also known for TV appearances in South Korea—both as a bilingual host who interviews English-speaking celebrities and as a beloved sweetheart personality on reality shows.

    Atlanta, GA
  • BORN
    November 17, 1988

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