About Equipoise

From their widely acclaimed EP Birthing Homunculi as a quintet in 2016 to the release of 2019's Demiurgus as a septet, the Pittsburgh-based Equipoise have evolved into one of the most sophisticated, original technical death metal outfits in North America. Their signature sound melds complex melodies delivered by blistering guitar riffs and leads, classically drenched keyboards, insanely fast, syncopated drums and basslines, and Stevie Boiser's filthy vocals. The band crisscross, collide, and meld genres as diverse as flamenco, prog, fusion jazz, power metal, and neo-classical with melodic technical death metal and a production aesthetic that delivers it all on stun.

In August of 2015, guitarist Zach Hohn and Nick Padovani (who was programming drums at the time) began composing riffs for the purpose of starting a band. The latter transcribed them into Guitar Pro software and added layers of instruments, ultimately realizing completed songs. After a few months spent experimenting, Padovani had ultimately composed a full album's worth of material. He played them for vocalist/lyricist Stevie Boiser (Inferi) and bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation), and the band was born. Keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (Eternity's End) joined in June of the following year, bringing his virtuoso, classically infused playing to the mix, further sculpting the band's sound. They signed a deal with influential technical death metal label the Artisan Era in late July and delivered Birthing Homunculi late in the year to massive acclaim from metal critics, and ultimately listeners. Hohn left the band shortly thereafter. Over the ensuing two years, Equipoise focused on the task of finding a permanent drummer. Before they did, however, they added guitarists Phil Tougas (Chthe'ilist) and Sanjay Kumar (Wormhole). They finally recruited ex-Hate Eternal uber-drummer Chason Westmoreland into the fold.

The newly formed septet spent over a year writing and recording their debut album, including reworking and expanding tracks from Birthing Homunculi. They developed a working method where Padovani would pen melodies and riffs for guitars, bass, and even keyboard lines, with all soloists contributing revised parts to the final compositions and Boiser writing lyrics — all of which, to date, have been based on his favorite anime series, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The finished album, Demiurgus, features three instrumentals among its 13 tracks and, the addition of no less than 11 guest soloists, including Hohn who delivers a solo on "Ouroboros." Issued in March of 2019, the set sprinted up the digital streaming charts across the globe.

    Pittsburgh, PA