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Dol Ammad is the pet project of improbably named Greek composer and keyboard player Thanasis Lightbridge, whose concept for what he calls "electronica art metal" began to take shape in 2000, resulted in a couple of demos in the ensuing years, and finally coalesced into a very untraditional lineup featuring a typical rock band formation enhanced by a 12-piece classical choir. After making their official premiere in 2002 at the Music University of Thessaloniki, the complete ensemble started work on a debut album entitled Star Tales, released in 2004 by Greece's own Black Lotus Records. And, as advertised, the record's astounding confrontation of progressive metal, electronica, and classical music was quite unprecedented, and was performed in the studio by Lightbridge, guitarist Jimmy Wicked, bassist Nick Terry, drummer Alex Holzwarth (of Rhapsody fame), and choir members Vicky Alexaki, Maria Panagiotidou, Maria Stolaki, Kortessa Tsifodimou, Zoe Tsokanou, Alexandra Voulgari, Alexandros Barmpas, Kyriakos Chouvardas, Panos Iampoultakis, Petros Moraitis, Themis Mpasdekis, and Yiannis Tsalouhidis. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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