About DISH//

When Japanese J-pop band DISH// formed in 2011, they couldn’t play a note on their instruments.

∙ DISH// are the “younger brother” band of popular Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z.
∙ Their fans earned the nickname Slashers due to their frenetic dancing and shouting during the band’s early tours of Japanese shopping malls.
∙ The group’s third single, “Freak Show,” was produced by composer Kenichi Maeyamada, who has helmed dozens of recordings by fellow Japanese idol groups.
∙ In 2015, they headlined the legendary Nippon Budokan arena, and they played two nights there the following year.
∙ All four of their albums and a dozen of their major-label singles have hit the Top 10 on the Japanese charts.
∙ DISH// collaborated with fans on social media to produce three different versions of the animated video for their 2020 single “Neko.”

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