About Devastations

Just as sinister as Nick Cave and equally heartbreaking as Tindersticks, Devastations feature Conrad Standish (vocals/bass), Tom Carlyon (guitar/vocals), and Hugo Cran (drums). The stylish alternative rock trio came together in late 2002 in Melbourne, Australia; however, a move to Berlin in 2003 provided Devastations the chance to introduce themselves to a European audience. Performances for Alexander Hacke's (Einsturzende Neubauten) Bada Bing concert series followed, preceding the release of the band's self-titled debut in 2004. Both the press and their peers were impressed; Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O championed Devastations in an issue of Mojo, describing it as "the best thing I've heard all year," while Rolling Stone Germany hailed it as the best debut of 2004. Australian dates with the likes of the Dirty Three, Cat Power, Tindersticks, and the Black Heart Procession coincided with the band's growing popularity, while Devastations earned an Australian Music Prize nomination before the year's end. A second album, Coal, arrived stateside on Brassland in fall 2006. Their next album, Yes, U, was released in 2007. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

    Melbourne, Australia

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