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Playing a soulful but stripped-down fusion of garage rock, first-generation rockabilly, punk, and lo-fi noise, Dead Ghosts are a band hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Conjuring a deliberately primitive and swampy sound with a psychedelic undertow, the group staked their claim with their self-titled 2010 debut album, but the group hit their creative stride with the reverb-soaked 2015 LP Love and Death and All the Rest, while adding keyboards to the mix for 2020's Automatic Changer.
Dead Ghosts were formed in 2007 by longtime friends guitarist Drew Wilkinson and singer/guitarist Bryan Nicol, who first started playing together when they were on the same T-ball team as kids. Years later, they decided to get somewhat serious about playing rock & roll, recruiting Drew's brother Mike Wilkinson to play drums and finding bassist Maurizio "Moe" Chiumento through an online want ad. After establishing themselves as a live act at home, Dead Ghosts released their first single, "What to Do" b/w "God Only Knows," through Milk n' Herpes Records in 2008, becoming a growing attraction in Toronto and launching a few regional tours as they released several more singles through various independent labels.
The year 2010 saw the release of the first full-length album from Dead Ghosts, a self-titled long-player on Florida's Dying Records; another album of concert recordings called Live Tapes, from Psychic Lunch Records, appeared the same year. After more roadwork, the band cut its second album, 2013's Can't Get No, which was released in the United States by the noted indie label Burger Records. While Dead Ghosts intimated that Can't Get No would be their final album, the group found a second wind, and returned in 2015 with Love and Death and All the Rest. In 2020, Dead Ghosts were back with the album Automatic Changer, as the group expanded to a quintet with the addition of Craig Pettman on keyboards. ~ Mark Deming

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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