About Davichi

Davichi is a K-pop duo whose name roughly translates to “shine over everything”, which can represent both their consistent commercial success and the uplifting feelings they inspire in listeners.

• After making their debut in 2008, Davichi earned "best new artist" honors from various Korean award shows.
• Throughout the 2010s, Davichi established themselves as reliable chart-toppers.
• The duo has also scored hits by dabbling in other genres. They collaborated with the pop group T-ara on 2011’s “We Were in Love” and the hip-hop acts Verbal Jint and Mad Clown on “Be Warmed” and “Two Lovers”, respectively.
• Davichi is also a go-to artist for Korean TV drama soundtracks. They scored a huge hit with "This Love", from Descendants of the Sun, in 2016.


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