About Ailee

Pronounced Aye-lee, this Korean-American is the big-voiced K-pop diva who wowed audiences with a viral television performance before proving herself as a multifaceted performer with increasingly ambitious songs.

• Her big break came when she was featured as a “trainee” on the Korean TV show Singer and Trainee alongside established hitmaker Wheesung. Her performance of Beyoncé’s “Halo” earned her the highest marks on the show and laid the groundwork for her successful K-pop career.
• Ailee’s early singles like “Heaven,” “I Will Show You,” and “U & I” gracefully tiptoed through pop, R&B, and soul.
• The songbird also became a reliable ballad singer, scoring placements on some of the biggest Korean TV soundtracks, most notably with her chart-topper “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow,” from Korea’s 2017 hit drama Guardian.
• As Ailee grew in her career, she began embracing edgier sounds and styles. Check out 2016’s "Home”—a collaboration with Korean hip-hop legend Yoonmirae—and the singles she dropped while competing on the R&B/rap singing competition Good Girls in 2020.

    Denver, CO
  • BORN
    May 30, 1989

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