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About Daniel Lopatin

Brooklyn-based experimental musician Daniel Lopatin plays and records under his own name, as well as with projects including Infinity Window, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Ford & Lopatin (formerly known as Games), crafting music that encompasses flowing electronics; ambient drones and excursions into noise; and forays into adventurous sampling. Inspired by the synth sounds of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Stevie Wonder in his father's record collection, as well as classic video game soundtracks such as Metroid, Lopatin began recording in the late '90s and early 2000s, and the fruits of his labor began emerging in 2007 with Oneohtrix Point Never's debut album, Betrayed in the Octagon. The following year saw the release of a cassette-only album, Transmat Memories, and in 2009 Lopatin released two more OPN albums, Russian Mind and Zones Without People. Tracks from these albums, Betrayed in the Octagon, and the cassette releases were compiled into Rifts, which arrived late in 2009 on the Mexican Summer label. In 2010, Lopatin issued another Oneohtrix album, Returnal, and began working with Tigercity's Joel Ford as the '80s synth pop revivalist outfit Games (which subsequently changed its name to Ford & Lopatin). Lopatin's main projects each issued albums in 2011: Ford & Lopatin's debut Channel Pressure and Oneohtrix Point Never's Replica, which featured samples of '80s commercials in its hypnotic web of sounds. Instrumental Tourist, a collaboration with Tim Hecker that appeared on Lopatin and Ford's Mexican Summer imprint Software, and production work on Clinic's album Free Reign were among Lopatin's 2012 credits. ~ Heather Phares