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Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston

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Daniel Johnston's songs of love and pain made him one of the most unique figures of the American underground, and his outsider spirit set a template for indie rock on the whole. His singing voice was creaky and imperfect and his compositions unsophisticated, but Johnston's idiosyncrasies, combined with his vulnerable perspectives, made for songs as crushing as they were beautiful. Though Johnston struggled with mental illness, his creative world was vivid, striking a moving balance between innocence and emotional devastation. Starting in the '80s with home-recorded cassettes including the lo-fi pop masterpiece Hi, How Are You (1983), Johnston's work bloomed into more polished albums, such as his major-label debut Fun (1994), as his acclaim grew throughout the ensuing decades. At the time of his death in 2019, Johnston had recorded over 15 albums and been the subject of numerous tribute records, a commemorative mural in his hometown, and two documentaries.

    Sacramento, CA
  • BORN
    January 22, 1961

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