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Coma, a Cologne, Germany-based duo comprising producers Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad, play an indie-friendly brand of dance music that mixes playfulness with a sense of melancholy. After building a buzz with their early gigs, the pair earned a contract with techno giant Kompakt, resulting in several well-regarded singles and two eclectic full-lengths, In Technicolor (2013) and This Side of Paradise (2015). Third album Voyage Voyage (2019) contained their most pop-minded material.
The two staked their claim as one of their country's freshest electronic acts in late 2007, when they performed live at Cologne's long-running Total Confusion club night. A few months later, in March 2008, they debuted on the Firm label with a self-titled 12" that flitted between cheeky dance-pop and a sleek fusion of techno and synth pop. The following year, they issued the first of several releases for Kompakt and fast became one of that label's most appreciated exponents. Scattered 12"s, along with appearances on Kompakt's Total series (Vols. 11, 12, and 13), showed up from 2009 through 2011, as they continued their association with Firm. In April 2013, they released their first album, In Technicolor, on Kompakt. Following a 2014 EP (Atlantis), their second full-length, This Side of Paradise, arrived in 2015. A short remix EP appeared in early 2016 before the duo took some time off for personal reasons. They resurfaced on City Slang in 2019 with Voyage Voyage, their third full-length, which featured a greater presence of analog instruments as well as pop-informed hooks and melodies. ~ Andy Kellman

    Cologne, Germany

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