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ClariS was originally formed in Hokkaido, Japan, by two junior high students, Alice and Clara, who met while they were attending music school together. ∙ Under the moniker Alice☆Clara, the J-pop duo released their first original songs, “Drop” and “Kimi no Yume wo Miyou,” via an anime music magazine. ∙ Their major-label debut, “Irony,” served as the theme song for the first season of the anime Oreimo. ∙ In addition to providing opening and closing songs for multiple anime series, ClariS has also provided the themes for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie trilogy and the video game Akiba’s Beat. ∙ Karen joined ClariS in 2014, replacing original member Alice, who left the group to focus on her education. ∙ Instead of using traditional press photos, the members of ClariS protect their privacy by sharing anime renderings of their likenesses. ∙ During a September 2017 concert, ClariS took off their decorative masks and revealed their faces to fans for the first time.

Hokkaido, Japan
October 10, 2009

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