Japanese pop duo EGOIST was formed in 2011, when Ryo (of the band Supercell) enlisted teenage singer Chelly to help him to create music for the anime series Guilty Crown.

∙ Following their successful contributions to Guilty Crown—both of which hit the Japanese Top 10—the group released their 2012 debut album, Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities.
∙ EGOIST debuted their live show in 2014, a unique concert experience using motion-capture technology in which the Guilty Crown character Inori Yuzuriha—and not Chelly—appears onstage.
∙ In 2017, they recorded their first-ever English-language track, “Eiyu Fate’s Song,” as the B-side to the single “Eiyuu Unmei No Uta.”
∙ Since their 2011 debut, every EGOIST single has made the Japanese Top 10, piling up multiple Gold and Platinum certifications along the way.

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