About Chanmina

CHANMINA is a trilingual rap star based in Japan. Her mix of confident, sultry flows and melodic pop has brought widespread international success.

• The rapper was born in South Korea to a Korean mother and a Japanese father. Due to her mother’s career as a ballerina, the family traveled around Asia and the United States.
• She attended high school in Japan and was bullied for not being fluent in Japanese.
• After high school, CHANMINA considered returning to South Korea to pursue a K-pop career. But friends convinced her to set up shop in Japan.
• In 2016, she participated in the TV rap battle Bazooka!!! Kokosei Rap Senshuken. Despite a second-round loss, she earned a deal with Victor Entertainment.
• Her brash 2017 single “FXXKER” has amassed more than 10 million streams.
• The four songs from 2019’s I’m A Pop include vocals in Japanese, Korean, and English. The melodic title track went gold in Japan.

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