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A versatile art-rock group based out of New York City, the aptly named Changing Modes emerged in the early 2000s with a sound that spun elements of punk, new wave, pop, and classical into a truly distinctive confection. Originating in the mid-'90s as a home recording project for bandleaders Wendy Griffiths and multi-instrumentalist Yuzuru Sadashige, the band coalesced in 2000 as a live unit and released an eponymous EP. A second EP arrived in 2001, followed two years later by the group's full-length debut, A Perfect Day. In 2004, drummer Jon Mele decided to move back to Ireland, leaving a vacancy in the band. Fortunately, the spot was soon filled by David Oromaner, who had worked with a number of prominent artists, including Marianne Pillsbury. He made his studio debut on 2005's Aeroplane. In 2006, Changing Modes took on what would be their most unique member -- a cabaret, stage, and LBGT and fetish club performer named Camille Atkinson -- as lead vocalist. In 2008 the band issued their third studio long-player, Down and Out in Shangri-La. They continued to hone their idiosyncratic sound on subsequent releases Here (2010), In Flight (2012), The Paradox of Traveling Light (2014), and Goodbye Theodora (2017), the latter of which featured a lineup consisting of Griffiths, Sadashige, Grace Pulliam (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Timur Yusef (drums, percussion), and Sawa Tamezane (baritone saxophone). ~ Chris True

New York, NY, United States of America