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About Briggs

Australian rapper Briggs got his start in a decidedly D.I.Y. setting, embracing rap music while growing up in a rural town. Driven by the limitations of his small town environment, Briggs pushed harder to establish his music, developing throughout a lengthy run from independently releasing his earliest recordings to a hearty career that included music, screen writing, and a label of his own. Briggs' rap styles embraced both hard-hitting old-school beats and lyrics that centered around his personal experiences, coming into full focus on projects like 2014's full-length studio album Sheplife and a 2020 EP Always Was. Briggs (born Adam Briggs) grew up in Shepparton, Victoria a member of Australia's indigenous Yorta Yorta people. He became interested in music in high school and transitioned from a short-lived period in punk bands to focusing on hip-hop. He was involved with several groups before going solo around 2009 with the release of his debut EP Homemade Bombs. He signed on with Golden Era Records the next year for the release of his debut studio album The Blacklist. Briggs toured Europe in support of the album and spent the next several years attracting the attention of a growing number of fans. His second album, Sheplife, was released in 2014, upping both the aggression and personal content of his music. In 2015 Briggs founded Bad Apples Music, a record label that focused on indigenous artists. Over the next several years he became a multifaceted artist, working in the realm of podcasting, screen writing, and acting while making time for his label and his solo music. In 2020 Briggs released the Always Was EP to sate fans as he worked toward his next full-length release Briggs for PM. ~ Fred Thomas

Shepparton, Victoria, Australia