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Big Data is the contemporary electropop project of Brooklyn-based producer Alan Wilkis. Daniel Armbruster (vocals), Rajeev Basu ("interactive/hacker"), and GHOST+COW ("visual") have also been credited with early input. Big Data took shape in 2012 and debuted in October of the following year with a four-track EP titled 1.0. The same year, Wilkis also issued PRINTS and Big Data released 1.5, the latter of which consisted of eight remixes of 1.0's "Dangerous." Wilkis signed with Warner Bros. just before "Dangerous" hit number one on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart. The simultaneously catchy and uneasy full-length debut, 2.0, was released by Warner in 2015. It featured Armbruster, as well as Jamie Lidell, Kimbra, and Rivers Cuomo, among others. ~ Andy Kellman & Marcy Donelson

    New York, NY [Brooklyn]

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