Böhse Onkelz
Böhse Onkelz

Böhse Onkelz

About Böhse Onkelz

Böhse Onkelz took their name—which translates to “Evil Uncles”—after local children shouted the phrase at the then-teenaged punk rockers as they walked past.

∙ Once associated with skinhead culture, the band distanced themselves from it during the ’90s with their anti-fascist songs “Deutschland im Herbst” and “Ohne mich.”
∙ Their albums have topped the German charts seven times, with nine Platinum certifications and nearly two dozen Gold ones.
∙ Nominated 10 times for the Echo Music Prize—Germany’s equivalent of the Grammy—they won the award for their last-concert DVD set, Vaya Con Tioz.
∙ Their reunion shows at Hockenheimring in 2014 and 2015 drew nearly 600,000 fans—the most tickets sold by any band in the iconic venue’s history.

    Hösbach, Germany