About Frei.Wild

Hailing from Brixen in South Tyrol, Italy, Deutschrock band Frei.Wild was formed in September 2001 by Philipp Burger (vocals, guitar) and Jonas Notdurfter (guitar), who then teamed up with bassist Jochen Gargitter and drummer Christian Fohrer. Influenced by German rock veterans Böhse Onkelz, the group released their first album, Eines Tages, in 2002, followed by Wo Die Sonne Lacht in 2003, Mensch Oder Gott in 2004, Mitten ins Herz in 2006, and Gegen Alles, Gegen Nichts in 2008. Their sixth album, 2009's Hart am Wind, was the first to enter the German album charts -- the record peaked at number 15 -- and their 2010 follow-up, Gegengift, fared even better, reaching number two. Their eighth album, 2012's Feinde Deiner Feinde, was also a success and was briefly nominated for an ECHO award, but was later withdrawn due to criticism of the band's right-wing political reputation. They returned in 2013 with the album Still, followed by Opposition in 2015, and Rivalen und Rebellen in 2018. ~ Christian Genzel

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