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Alabama Shakes

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Brittany Howard and bassist Zac Cockrell began writing songs together in high school, fueled in part by the boredom of small-town life in Athens, Alabama.

∙ The band’s song “You Ain’t Alone” garnered instant label and management interest after it appeared on popular music blog Aquarium Drunkard in 2011.
∙ Before they began touring, band members worked at such jobs as delivery driver, house painter, postal worker, and nuclear power plant employee.
∙ Their sophomore release, Sound & Color, debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart and earned the band four Grammy Awards.
∙ Howard’s soulful performance on “Gimme All Your Love” inspired Drake to push his own vocal limits while recording the 2016 album Views.
∙ Their music has been featured in dozens of films and TV shows, including Silver Linings Playbook, Fleabag, and Transparent.
∙ Howard fronts two other bands, Bermuda Triangle and Thunderbitch, and released a critically acclaimed solo album, Jaime, in 2019.

    Athens, AL

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