A Will Away

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  • FEB 18, 2022
  • Stew
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About A Will Away

Naugatuck, Connecticut quartet A Will Away formed in February of 2011, taking inspiration from early-2000s emo pop as well as '80s radio hits to mold their sincere yet lighthearted rock sound. The band was originally made up of Matt Carlson, Ryan Cool, Collin Waldron, Aaron Johnson, and Sean Dibble, though Cool eventually left the group. No time was wasted coming up with material and A Will Away's first EP, Not Far from Home, surfaced just months after their formation. They continued to release music in short bursts for a while, with EPs and split singles coming every other year as the band toured and grew a fan base. The standout EP Bliss surfaced in 2015, produced by noted engineer Gary Cioffi. The band's debut full-length, Here Again, arrived on Triple Crown Records in March of 2017, again produced by Cioffi. ~ Fred Thomas

Naugatuck, CT, United States of America
February, 2011