Fire! Orchestra

About Fire! Orchestra

This Nordic experimental supergroup originally consisted of core trio Mats Gustafsson (sax), Johan Berthling (bass guitar), and Andreas Werlin (drums), who released music under the name Fire! The group joined together with the idea of a fresh approach to improvised music, with a number of influences from free jazz, psychedelic rock, and noise. In 2010 the group joined forces with musician Jim O'Rourke and the four of them toured Japan together, leading to the release of Fire! with Jim O'Rourke. Australian multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi was the next collaborator, and they subsequently recorded the album Fire! with Oren Ambarchi. Enter was released in early 2014, this time being a studio session, recorded in Gothenburg. ~ James Pearce

    Stockholm, Sweden

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