Weird Sister

Weird Sister

With a most-inspired band name and a debut album title that shows that this Cardiff, Wales, noise-pop quintet is conceptually on-message, Joanna Gruesome has rightfully created a buzz by backing up its creative marketing skills with songs as tuneful and joyous as its cheery brattiness requires. MJ of the excellent Hookworms produced this debut album and captures the group’s straightforward pop talents, as well as its noisier bits. Singer Alanna adds the correct amount of sweetness to charming songs like “Sugarcrush,” “Wussy Void," and “Do You Really Know Why Yr Still in Love with Me,” where elements of The Velvet Underground, Blondie, Lush, and almost every '90s indie rock band are scrambled in new configurations that freshen the sound and attack. An inability to enjoy Joanna Gruesome's cheeky guitar pop might suggest serious issues with natural states of happiness. The band is that easy to love—or at least enjoy at its silliest.

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