12 Songs, 43 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

xJennaxDx ,


This album is amazing from start to finish. I wish they were still together, I miss them both as a band and as the awesome people they are. I feel so lucky to have known these guys personally. Definitely would recommend this album to anyone who likes good music.

slaphappy09 ,

talented and extra double awesome!!

its sad there not together but man did they write great music :)

batson456 ,

Best Album of 2009

I listen to a lot of music, and I mean a lot! It is really a pity when a band like this does not make it big, because unlike many other bands out there, they truly are talented. Everyone can knock them because they may not be the most unique band in the world, but really who is anymore? Everything has been done before. What this band does is play melodic rock, and they play it better than almost anyone else in the genre right now. I have not been floored by this much emotion in quite some time. Ian has a great voice that can bring about any emotion they are trying to portray, and the band feeds off it it. It is really sad that this band will no longer be putting out any more music, because I would have really liked to see where they go from here. I can't believe bands like Hinder and Pop Evil get a chance but a band that is this talented gets buried. Thank you for at least 2 amazing albums Vaeda. I will follow all of you guys and hopefully you can make it big somehow. You deserve it.

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