While the first Sepultura outing had been preoccupied with the death metal of groups like Venom, 1987’s Schizophrenia is a precisely executed vision of thrash. It was the first to feature lead guitarist Andreas Kisser, who brought the band more traditional influences of British and American thrash metal. “From the Past Comes the Storms,” “Escape to the Void," and “To the Wall” are ferocious and impassioned. At this point, the only criticism one could level at Sepultura was that its eagerness to grow sometimes outstripped its ability. Even when the band has a hard time keeping up with itself, the experience is akin to watching an organism during a period of rapid transformation. Unlike some of its speed metal peers, Sepultura never sounded ridiculous. Max Cavalera’s vocals are demonic without becoming cartoonish, and even the epic instrumental piece “Inquisition Symphony” remains rooted in the traditional four-on-the-floor hard rock of Motörhead. The bonus tracks present one demo and a few rough mixes, all of which are welcome. Rather than being inferior versions of the officially released songs, these alternates boast the sound of a raw attack.

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